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Get a Korean IP Address

Get a Korean IP Address

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Video: How to get an IP from South Korea using a VPN



Recommended VPN Services


IAPS Security Store

IAPS KoreaAnyway, enough blabbing from me. Here’s the link to IAPS Security Store.  The link to PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP VPN servers is on the left, then you can CTRL+F “Korean” to find the Korean VPN servers.

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>>>>> IAPS Security Store Official Website


Hide My Ass

00 HMA logoHide My Ass now has servers in Korea. Because of the huge price difference and user friendliness of their VPN software, I highly recommend this service.  It is typically the VPN I use in all my videos (sorry, no video yet for Korea, but it’s coming soon). This is one of the most popular VPNs featured on my website and other VPN review sites as well.

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00 ipvanish1IPVanish has also added VPN servers in Korea. This is a very strong and fast moving VPN service that has added more than 20 country locations in 2012 2013. I think they are trying to catch up to HideMyAss, and currently feature over 40 countries. They also have a nice VPN software (good, but different from HMA), and are definitely worth a try.

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>>>>> sign up for IPVanish here


mrvpn logo


So, once again I’ve discovered that I missed a couple IP locations for my website.

Though I don’t only feature IAPS Security Store on ChangeIPOnline.Com, I do write a lot about the services they offer because their VPN and proxy network is huge, and you can find IP locations that are impossible to find anywhere else.

KoreaOne of these places is Korea.  They currently have PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP VPN servers in South Korea.  Sorry, no OpenVPN options, but IPSec VPN servers should provide you with higher levels of encryption for Mac and Win XP, and you can always use SSTP for Vista or Win 7.  Of course PPTP works with smartphones and most computer OS.

There are various pricing options for Korean IP address locations, starting at $12 for 1 month and discounts all the way up to 1 year accounts for $90.


Remember that with a Korean IP address you’ll be ale to access Korean streaming TV and other geo-restricted websites.  Though there are some internet censorship laws in Korea, someone from this country will be more familiar with Korean net space.

I live in China and all I hear about is Korean soap operas and Korean pop groups.  I imagine that these sites are popular in Korea and they may be blocked or slow while overseas.  Using a Korean IP will of course give you a Korean identity online.


Maybe the best reason to get a Korean IP address is for online gaming.  Some of the most popular MMORPGs in the world originate in Korea, and European/North American versions of popular games from any genre are generally different from the original.  Language can be an uphill battle if you’re not Korean, but I’ll bet any overseas Korean’s would prefer to play the originals.