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Finding a way to bypass internet censorship is important for people who live in Saudi Arabia, because censorship is a prevalent aspect of internet use. In fact, Saudi Arabia is often thought to have one of the most extensive censorship networks in the world. However, as many people have found out, there are ways to get around censorship. In particular, you can use a VPN to get a Japanese IP address in Saudi Arabia.

Proxy VPN Unblock CensorshipGetting an IP address from a different country is one of the most effective measures of finding a way around internet censorship. It is so effective because currently websites do not have any way of knowing you aren’t using your own IP address, and the same is true for your internet service provider.

It used to be that people recommended proxies for this purpose, because they are inexpensive and in fact are often free. However, nowadays, proxies are not a good approach to get past censorship, because it is relatively easy to determine when a person is using a proxy.

A VPN is a better approach, because it is not evident what you are doing. With a VPN, you connect to a server in another country. In the example we are talking about you would choose a server in Japan and I’ll explain why in a little bit. While you are connected to the Japanese server, it hides your IP address.

The outcome of this is that instead of seeing your IP address, any website or program will instead see the one from the VPN server. So, if you are using the Japanese VPN server we talked about, you would look like you were in Japan rather than Saudi Arabia. Because of this, Saudi Arabian censorship is no longer effective on you. In fact, your internet service provider doesn’t even recognize that it should be censoring you.

Japanese InternetChoosing which country you use for your VPN server is important, because different countries offer you different benefits. One of the key aspects is that you need to choose a country that doesn’t have prevalent internet censorship. Otherwise you are just trading one form of censorship for another.

The reason I recommend that you get a Japanese IP address in Saudi Arabia is because there are a large number of sites that are hosted from Japan, as well as many which are used for online gaming. The distance between the server you are connected to and what you are interested in has an influence over the speed of the connection, so the location of the VPN server is important.


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