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How To Mask Your IP Address – And Why

How To Mask Your IP Address – And Why

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mask your ip onlineThe IP address of your computer can be masked through a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is a secure network that is often used in businesses and institutions to allow employees remote connectivity to local private network servers at the office.  Encryption and tunneling protocols make you “virtually” part of the network.

Now, VPN providers are common online, with a range of different services. Many VPN providers offer IP addresses in many different countries, allowing you to change your IP address to whatever country you desire, and change it at any time.

An alternative to masking your IP address through a VPN is to use an anonymous proxy server. The proxy server sits between your computer and the Internet, and all traffic requests you make are sent through the proxy. Minus the encryption and tunneling protocols, an anonymous proxy also masks your IP address.

One disadvantage of using a standard proxy is that the fact that you are using a proxy is evident. This does not normally affect what you are able to browse online, but some sites do block proxy access. The problem does not always originate from the website. Open proxies are often poorly set up. They are often targets of hackers and scammers, as well as often being host to viruses or malware. Using open proxies is not recommend for non tech-savvy users.

Whether you choose a VPN or a proxy, they both offer the ability to mask your IP address. This can be used as a way to strengthen your online security, ensure browsing anonymity, and even help you break a few rules.


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