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Getting a US IP Address

Getting a US IP Address

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A US IP address can be used for privace, security, or for accessing US based websites like Netflix, Hulu, or Pandora. Some high-security websites in the US also require a US IP (ie banks). Regardless of the reasons you want a US IP address, all roads lead to virtual private networks.

You can easily get access to a US IP address just by using a VPN subscription. Connecting to a VPN changes your IP and encrypts your online data. VPNs can be used for smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. Apps are available for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

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Downloading, installing, and using a VPN service is pretty easy, even without any technical experience. It’s much like using any other kid of app or packaged software. Everything is automated if you get a service with a good ‘VPN client’ (aka software). Some services offer advanced features as well, including server selection based on load, IP changing options, and proxy settings. Below you can see me test the Hide My Ass VPN software to get a US IP.


Video: How to Use a VPN to get a US IP




And just like that, your IP is changed. You can unblock US websites, browse privately, and even secure your data on shared networks. Of course, HMA is not the only service that’s available. In fact, many services offer US IP addresses


Top 10 VPN Services With US IPs


Streaming Content


Using a US IP address through a VPN server can be used to access your favorite TV shows while abroad. TV websites like AMC or HBO are typically blocked outside their home country. Even international websites like Netflix can be better with an IP change. For example, if you are watching the Latin American version of Netflix, you won’t get access to US TV shows and many new releases. In fact, Latin American Netflix website will be in Spanish!

Unblock websites like this is extremely popular, and probably the main reason people use VPNs. There are some more practical features I’ll show you below, but entertainment via streaming content is probably the most frequent reason for using a VPN service.


Privacy & Security


USA VPNA VPN simply hides or masks your regional IP address and assigns you a different IP address. By encrypting your data and routing your online activity through a private server in the USA, it’s impossible for your ISP, government, or other people on your network to see what you are doing online.

This makes it useful for privacy and security. Though the US government is heavily criticized for the NSA and other infringements on our private data, they still require court orders for data requests from privacy companies (aka the VPN service). This makes the US one of the most popular IP desitnations around the world. The vast majority of popularVPN services will offer US IPs as part of their main package or in all packages.


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More VPN Services With Servers in the US


Go to our Top 10 VPN List. All VPN services have US IP addresses available. Some are part of individual packages, with US ONLY access, while others are part of an UNLIMITED access plan, which gives you other IP locations. Some are listed only as “USA”, while others are listed by city and state. Read the reviews to compare.