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Get an Israeli IP address

Get an Israeli IP address

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Video: How to Use a VPN to get an IP from Israel



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Hide My Ass

HMA Israeli IPIsrael isn’t a ‘hot location’ for VPN servers, so finding a service that actually offers Israeli IP addresses is rare.  HMA has one of the most comprehensive IP address location networks in the world, and they provide top-notch speeds.  $6.55 per month is a great price in my books.

*since the original posting of this message, HMA has added 3 country locations and numerous servers. They now offer unlimited access to 300+ servers in 53 countries, including Israel.

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IAPS Security Review


IAPS Security Store also has VPN servers in Israel. They have a variety of VPN combo packs and VPN protocols.

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Israelis living outside Israel find it very hard to access their local hometown websites because these websites are accessible only from Israel.

In order to access these Israel-only websites a person must get an Israeli IP address or he will not be able to view these websites.

get an Israeli IP addressAfter acquiring an Israeli IP address all the websites that were once blocked for an Israeli expatriate will become accessible and he would have no problem in viewing them. Both proxies and VPNs could be used to acquire an Israeli IP address but the VPNs are the most effective.

A proxy can mask your IP address and can get you an Israeli IP address as well but it is not that safe to use. Many of the proxies reveal the original IP address of the users to websites which can compromise a person’s safety on the internet.

VPNs on the other hand are safe to use and can get a person IP addresses of many countries.


The biggest advantage that VPNs have over proxies is that they provide their users the liberty to choose the region whose IP address they want to acquire. A VPN is far more reliable than a proxy as well.

Israel VPNWhile using a VPN you will have no difficulty in accessing any regional Israeli website or local chat program that can be accessed only from within Israel. The Israeli IP address provided to you by the VPN would enable you to create accounts as a user from Israel without anyone noticing it.


You would be able to stream TV programs and movies online as well. In addition to this any sports streaming website that is restricted to be viewed outside Israel would also become accessible to you with an Israeli IP address.

Besides all these advantages a VPN could also be used to access websites that are not accessible in other countries. For instance Netflix and Hulu are not available in Israel but the use of a VPN could enable an Israeli to unblock these restricted sites in Israel by getting an American IP address.


In the same manner websites of other countries that are not available in Israel could also be accessed by using a VPN. This shows what a versatile software a VPN is. So, if you want to access Israeli websites safely outside Israel then get an Israeli IP address by buying a VPN as soon as possible.