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Get an IP address from Ecuador

Get an IP address from Ecuador

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How can a user get an IP address from Ecuador? There are two ways for changing the IP address. The first mechanism is by using proxy servers, however using proxy servers is largely unsecure and can result in the data being sent thought the proxy server being manipulated.

The other method is by using a Virtual Private Network that is VPN. VPN, on the other hand is more secure than our normal connection. VPN works almost the same way as proxy servers, apart from two major differences.

First of all the data being sent to the server is encrypted so there is no chance of any manipulation of the data on the server. The other difference is that the choice of the IP address rests in the hands of the user rather than the server.

There are many reasons for which any user would like to have an IP address for Ecuador. The principle of the reasons is to get access to sites that are blocked by certain government agencies, banks and media channels for the users from outside Ecuador.

Moreover, users who want to remain anonymous on the internet can also get an IP address from Ecuador using VPN, and easily navigate the internet, without having any site ever being able to trace them.

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