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There are many reasons why people look at getting an IP address from a different part of the world. In some cases, censorship is an important reason, however, in places like France, censorship is minimal, and not a driving factor. People in France may look at getting an IP address from somewhere else in the world to increase their privacy or security. Through a VPN you can easily get a Scottish IP address in France, which will give you a lot of benefits.


Choose Your IP AddressA Scottish IP address might seem an odd choice, but it is just one of many. A VPN lets you choose the location of the VPN server that you connect to, so you can choose one from just about anywhere in the world. You do need to consider the location however, because some are better than others.

I recommend using a Scottish VPN server because censorship is minimal in Scotland and there are also no laws that will significantly impede on your privacy. Furthermore, if you are interested in television programs or news from Scotland, such as if you have family there, having a Scottish IP address will allow you to access local content.


Changing the IP address that is associated with your computer isn’t very difficult to do, at least not if you use a VPN. A VPN allows you to connect to a server which then masks your information, allowing you to appear to be somewhere else, in this case Scotland.

Social MediaThe benefits of this are substantial. Firstly, having an IP address that is not your own means that there is no solid relationship between your physical identity and your online identity. In fact, the method that the VPN uses to pass information means that your own internet service provider doesn’t have a record of what you do when you are online. This is very good if you are concerned about privacy or about free speech.

Another aspect is security, if you choose to get a Scottish IP address in France, dissociating your IP address from yourself is only one way that security is enhanced. The other way is to do with the VPN itself. Often people choose a VPN solely for the influence that it has on your security.

The VPN uses a tunneling protocol which shields your information from outside sources, and it also encrypts all of your data. This means that it is very hard for anyone to steal your information.


As a last suggestion, I would say that most VPN services are not going to explicitly say that they offer IP locations in Scotland. To find a VPN server in Scotland, you may need to inquire about UK VPN server locations.

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