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Many people argue that internet censorship is the domain of ‘uncivilized’ countries and places where dictatorship is prevalent. However in recent years it has become increasingly evident that this isn’t the case. Many people are not aware of the censorship that goes on in their own country, although the evidence is out there. It may be surprising, but censorship is one reason why you might consider choosing to get a Scottish IP address in Finland, although there are other reasons also.

Access DeniedLike many developed nations, Finland keeps a blacklist of internet sites that are blocked, meaning that citizens within Finland cannot access them. Internet service providers are required by law to block any site that is on the list. Furthermore, the list is not made public.

The blacklist was initially developed to block websites outside of Finland that host child pornography. This is an approach many other governments also take, and often with similar outcomes.

The problem is that there is no due process for determining what is and is not placed on the list. Combined with the secret nature of the list, this makes it very easy for additional websites to be added without anyone knowing. In fact, there is already evidence that this has occurred.

In 2009, the blacklist was posted by the website WikiLeaks, and contained 797 different domains, some of which were linked to censorship criticism. Evidence from other countries shows that once a secret blacklist is developed, regardless of its initial purpose, it quickly develops to block many different types of websites.

Censorship like this can be disastrous as it hides information from the public. Furthermore, the government is more likely to censor information that may be a threat to itself. Because of this, the times that the public needs information the most are likely to be when information is the most heavily censored.

Change IPThis makes using a IP address from outside of the country an appealing prospect. By using a VPN you are able to get a Scottish IP address in Finland, or choose one from just about anywhere else in the world. By having this IP address, you are no longer thought to be in Finland, and consequently the censorship restrictions no longer have any impact on you.

Using a VPN for Finland in this way is a very good way to get around any problems of censorship, either now or in the future. It provides a good way to ensure that you will always have access to the correct information and that your own internet access will always be private.


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