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Get a Greek IP address in the USA

Get a Greek IP address in the USA

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The USA is often perceived as a free country in terms of internet restrictions, because it does not have any prevalent censorship. However, the laws that have been proposed recently, both in terms of copyright and of internet privacy have the potential to severely compromise the freedom of Americans when they are online. Getting past this is as simple as choosing to get a Greek IP address in the USA, and with recent turns of events, this is becoming more and more desirable.

Most people know about the SOPA act, which was introduced to the House of Representatives in 2011, and is designed to block access to websites that offer downloads that infringe on intellectual property. This law has the potential to block results from search engines and even potentially block entire domains. This proposal amounts to censorship, and it is likely that it would block sites that were not involved in copyright infringement at some point during the process.

A second bill that is not as well-known is CISPA. CISPA is not based on copyright, instead the bills is focused on internet security. The problem that opponents have with this bill is that it has the potential to dramatically undermine the privacy rights of individuals online. This includes giving companies the ability to monitor internet traffic from individuals.

Regardless of whether these bills pass in their entirety or at all, they make it clear that the American government values security over privacy and the rights of the individual. As such, finding a way to effectively browse the internet without having to worry about censorship or the security of your information is an important thing to do.

A VPN is the best way of doing this. Using a VPN allows you to alter the way your IP address appears, and change your whole online identity as a result. Furthermore, it also dramatically increases your security, protecting your information from being obtained by outside sources. In fact, through the VPN, your own internet service provider doesn’t know your online activity, which is very important in regards to CISPA.

Through the VPN, you can choose the location of your IP address. I’m suggesting that you get a Greek IP address in the USA, because Greece doesn’t have much in the way of censorship or any significant laws like CISPA or SOPA. However, this is just a suggestion. There are a lot of different locations that you can choose for your IP address, just depending on what you want.


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