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Using the internet is often thought to be inherently safe, and many people don’t consider what could happen to their information if something were to happen. The problem is that things happen too often while you are online, and without the proper security, you are putting your information at risk. If you are living in New Zealand, or even just visiting, a way to ensure better security is to get a German IP address in New Zealand through a VPN.

Spy on IPOne of the most important aspects about being online is your IP address. This tag is absolutely critical for your ability to go online, but it has its downsides. In particular, your IP address provides information about what country you are living in. This mightn’t seem like a big deal, but often it can be a pain.

An example of this is geographical restrictions. Many sites have these .What this means is that the site restricts access to people from a certain part of the world. So, a German site that had this form of restriction would only let people from within Germany access it.

Geographical restrictions are most often seen in streaming television, which are normally subject to copyright meaning that they can only be played in certain countries. However, there are many other examples of sites that have regional restrictions, including some online banking sites, games, services and chat programs.

Anonymity OnlineAnother aspect of the IP address that is frustrating is the way that it links your browsing activity with you. Because your IP address is sent every time you visit a website, it is relatively easy for people to develop a log of the sites that you have visited. In fact, Google and some online marketing companies already do this.

Both of these problems can be avoided through the use of a VPN. The advantage of a VPN is that it gives you a way to be anonymous online. You are able to use it to get a German IP address in New Zealand, or in fact to get an IP address from just about anywhere you can imagine. Because you are not using your IP address, you are not identifiable as being from New Zealand, and your activity is no longer linked to you.

The VPN itself also offers some important benefits. It makes use of two types of protocols, both of which significantly increase your security online. This means that even when you are online at a WiFi hotspot or over an unsecured connection you do not have to worry as long as you are on the VPN.


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