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Whenever you go online, regardless of what type of device you are on or what internet connection you are using, you are provided with an IP address. This location-specific tag allows your online activity to be linked to you, and also lets websites know where you are located. Nevertheless, it is possible to alter your IP address, such as to get a German IP address in France. In doing so, you can gain many benefits, while removing the downsides of your IP address.

Change IP Change CountriesWhile you need an IP address to be online, you don’t actually have to be using your own. In fact, as I have suggested, there is no need for you to even use one from the same country as you. By default, if you are in Germany, your internet service provider will give you a German IP address. Changing to another IP address would give you another one from within the same region.

Altering your IP address to one from another country requires a little creative thinking. A VPN is the best service to achieve this with. What it does is provides an extra element in the equation. The interaction is no longer just between your computer and the websites you visit. Instead, information has to go through the VPN server before it reaches its destination.

The relevance of this is that when a website queries your IP address, this query goes to the VPN server, which then responds to it. So, instead of the website seeing your IP address, it sees the one that the VPN provides it with. If you have connected to a VPN server in Germany, then the IP address that the website is told will also be German.

VPN SecurityBy taking this approach, the way that you are seen when you are online has been changed. The VPN has allowed you to get a German IP address in France, and it means that you seem to be in France whenever you are online.

There is another advantage of using a VPN for Germany. VPNs are well-known as being secure approaches to browsing the internet. The VPN protects your data from outside forces, by encrypting it and also by using a mechanism known as tunneling.

This means that it is difficult for anyone to know what you are doing online, and most of your activity is even hidden away from your internet service provider.


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