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A List of the Cheapest Cheap VPN Services (but good ones)

A List of the Cheapest Cheap VPN Services (but good ones)

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Here are a selection of cheap VPN services I’ve found.  Prices vary, but there are different features and contract lengths to consider.  I’ve chosen my Top Four.

hidemyass cheap vpn
Hide My Ass

For what they offer, Hide My Ass is clearly the best choice here.  Though you can find cheap VPN services for less, they come with limited features (as you can see below)  For $6.55 per month with Hide My Ass you get unlimited bandwidth, a great support team, servers organized by speed, and over 20,000 IP addresses in 33 different countries across the globe.  Its a fantastic package for just over six bucks a month.  You’ll have a hard time finding a better deal than this.  If you sign up for a month at a time, it’ll cost you $11.52, which is a fair price, but signing up for the year will get you the discount mentioned above

$6.55 / month

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purevpn cheap vpnPureVPN

For a bit cheaper ($6.25 per month) you can sign up for PureVPN.  PureVPN is a smaller company, with a few limitations, but they’re a great cheap VPN service.  For $6.25 you’ve got to sign up for a year ($75 per year), and you’re limited to 30 GB of bandwidth per month.  This limitation will only affect serious downloaders and file sharers.  They offer SSTP, L2TP, and PPTP VPNs for most major operating systems, plus they’ve got live support.

$6.25 / month

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strongvpn cheap vpnStrongVPN

StrongVPN has a super cheap year package for $55 dollars, which means you’ll pay only $4.58 per month.  As you’d expect, this comes with some limitations.  There’s a whole chart setup you can check out, but I’ll warn you, its kind of complicated – you have to know what you want.  Some limitations mean you can’t use it on a mobile device, some mean that you can only use PPTP, some are server location limitations and there are more conditions.  However, it’s a very cheap VPN service, and you probably won’t find anything cheaper online.

$4.58 / month

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switchvpn cheap vpnSwitchVPN

If monthly payments are you thing, and don’t want to go for a whole year at once, the SwitchVPN is the cheap VPN for you.  For $5.95 you get PPTP VPN in 1 location of your choice, and for $7.95 you get OpenVPN in one location of your choice.  Both come with unlimited bandwidth, and for Netherlands servers you can file share over P2P. US and UK locations are also available (and more too).  For multi-server packages you’ll have to pay $9.95 per month

$5.95 / month
$7.95 / month

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