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Where to Get Software to Change IP Address

Where to Get Software to Change IP Address

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Software to Change IP AddressThere are a number of ways to use software to change IP address.

Firstly, the software that is already installed on your computer can be used to change your IP address. This can be done by accessing the network settings on your computer, and changing your TCP/IP settings to use a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). The DHCP can be used to allocate IP addresses to individual computers on the network.

But to be honest, this is difficult for most users to do. Also, it will only change your IP address, and will not make you anonymous on the Internet.  Your Internet activity will still be traceable to you, and you will still have an IP that is reflective of your country.

Proxies are often used to hide the IP address of the user.  You can use a web based proxy or a software based one. The advantage of a web based proxy would be that you can access it from any computer or phone that can access the Internet.  As for software based proxies, VPNs are also software based. Plus, they are more secure, more reliable, and will get you past more firewalls.

You can get a great web based proxy HERE, or read the review.

Using virtual private network software (VPNs) is a great way to change the IP address of a computer or phone. VPNs are secure networks that, once connected to, will provide the end user with complete anonymity while they surf the internet.

Their security comes from two places –  tunneling and encryption protocols that code and transport data between the computer and the server. Today, many VPN services use SSL encryption, which is the same stuff used when you make purchases online. This increases the security of the data that is transferred.

Virtual Private NetworkVPNs assign an IP address to every computer in the network. Generally, VPNs have a large number of available IP addresses. Many offer the ability to switch IP addresses whenever desired. This is particularly important if you are avoiding bandwidth caps for downloads/P2P or want your IP address to appear to be from a specific country.

VPN software to change IP address can be installed easily after you sign up with VPN service.  Many services have simplified this so that even technically inept users can finish in just a minute or two.

You’ll usually see PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN listed at the three VPN protocols available.  PPTP and L2TP can be used on most devices, including smart phones (with the exception of Nokia which uses mVPN) and laptops.  For users looking for higher levels of security, OpenVPN is a better solution. However, this is not available for iOS/Android/Symbian devices.  SSTP is another secure VPN protocol that’s available for Vista/Win 7, but is less common and you can always just use OpenVPN instead.


Two very popular VPN services are Hide My Ass and 12VPN

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Hide My Ass

hidemyass software change ipHide My Ass offers more server locations, more IP addresses, and more anonymous surfing tools for a cheaper price than any other VPN service out there.  They’re one of the most popular VPN providers world wide because of the quality of their service, and their dedication to privacy and quality. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee, and lots of free stuff available at their site.  Though most VPN services only provide a VPN service accessible directly from the internet, Hide My Ass also offers actual software to change your IP address as well.

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12vpn change your ip address software12VPN is a smaller company, but they offer more VPN solutions for users without the typical operating system. They’ve got various levels of protection, including your standard 128 bit encryption and even 4096 bit military grade stuff.  They have all your standard features like a 7 day money back guarantee, free server switching, and multiple server locations all over the world (including US/UK), plus a great customer support team.

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