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The Easy Way To Hide Your IP Address Online

The Easy Way To Hide Your IP Address Online

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identity onlineWhether you are just browsing the internet or working with sensitive information, there are a number of reasons to hide your IP address. Your IP address is the identity assigned to your computer or phone, and is unique to your device.

This address is used to identify your computer. It can be used not only to pinpoint your location, but also to monitor browsing activity, find out what operating system you’re using, see where you click, and even what you download.

It is possible to “change your IP address” by changing the network settings on your computer.  But it involves configuring your network settings so that the server assigns you a dynamic IP address.

If you get dizzy just by reading that sentence, then you’re like most people.  Not only that, this is often an ineffective method of “hiding” your IP address. It only means that it’s harder to pinpoint your online activity.  It’s not common that you’ll have free access to the server anyhow.  Also, all traffic and data can still be traced back to you.



Hide IP ProxyA more versatile method is to us a web based proxy. A proxy server acts as a detour between your computer and the websites you visit. An anonymous proxy server can be used to hide your IP address because it strips the IP address off your traffic requests and replaces it with its own.

This leads to your IP address being masked by the IP address of the proxy.

It is usually evident to server administrators that you are browsing through a proxy, this will not normally have any effect. There are web based proxies online, but be careful about which you choose. Some proxies can be used to record your IP data and use it to send out spam and/or viruses/malware.

A professional and inexpensive service is available at SecuriTales.  There’s a free trial HERE. Or you can read a full review here.


Virtual Private Networks

IP Changer OnlineAnother alternative is using a VPN. VPNs are a secure, private network that allows both remote and direct connections to their servers. IP addresses of computers on the network are assigned by the server to mask your real IP. Some VPNs change your IP address for each computer at regular time intervals as well as allow you to change IP address on demand. What’s more, most change your IP address each time you log on to the network.

Regardless, all of your traffic flowing to and from the VPN server is encrypted and tunneled, making it not only private and anonymous, but actively protected from online threats. This makes it a great solution if you’re trying to hide your IP address not just for privacy, but for online security.

In comparison to proxies, VPNs also offer static IP addresses, better connectivity and reliability, and choice of server (IP) location. It’s my opinion that VPNs are an ideal solution for gamers, businesses, and people residing in countries where the government spies on internet activity.


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hidemyass hide your ip address onlineHide My Ass

Hide My Ass offers a very competitive ProVPN package, plus other free anonymous surfing tool to hide your IP address while you send email, download/send files, and browse the Internet.  At $78 for the year ($6.55 / month), you won’t find anything much cheaper – especially when you consider this package includes VPN protocols for your phone and computer, unlimited bandwidth, 32 country’s IP addresses, 168 server locations, and thousands of continuously updated IP addresses. It’s the most comprehensive VPN package out there.

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However, Hide My Ass may be blocked in your area. PureVPN is a smaller company, and does better at flying under the radar.  They have a variety of package deals available, on a monthly or yearly basis.  They also offer dedicated IP addresses, if that’s what you’re looking for.  At $74 per year, their starter package is very competitive, and includes US/UK (+more) server locations.

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