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Get a Ukrainian IP address

Get a Ukrainian IP address

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Video: How to Use a VPN to Get an IP from Ukraine



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If you want to get access to regional Ukrainian websites outside Ukraine then you will have to get a Ukrainian IP address in order to do so. The reason for this is that the regional websites of Ukraine only allow people having a Ukrainian IP address to access them.

ukrainian ip addressThe servers of these websites check the IP address of the person accessing the website before allowing them to enter the site.

If the person accessing the site does not have a Ukrainian IP address then the servers might block them, while if the person accessing the website possesses a local IP address then he is allowed to enter the website. Luckily you can fake a Ukrainian IP.

There are two chief methods of getting a Ukrainian IP address; the first one is making use of a proxy (1. web based, 2. open, 3. software) while the second one is making use of a VPN (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP).

Both proxies and VPNs mask the IP address of their users and allow them to get an IP address of a different country or region.


Even though both these methods are very efficient in providing a person a foreign IP address a VPN is much safer to use than a proxy because of data encryption (SSL, SSH, IPSec). Moreover, a VPN is much reliable than a proxy too. Ukraine VPN

This is the reason why most of the experts recommend the use of a VPN over a proxy.
By using a VPN you will have the choice to select the region whose IP address you want to adopt.



So, if you want to adopt a Ukrainian IP address then all you need is to select a VPN server present in Ukraine and you will get the IP address of that server.

The Ukrainian IP address gained from the VPN will enable you to get access to all the Ukraine specific websites which are not accessible for people living outside Ukraine.

In addition to this any chat program or online gaming website that is reserved for Ukrainian residents only will also become accessible to you when you start accessing it with the Ukrainian IP address provided to you by the Ukrainian VPN.


Torrents are extremely popular through Ukrainian IPs because of the relaxed rules for downloading music and movies in Eastern Europe.  Many users in The US, The UK, Australia, and New Zealand use Easter European and Asian IPs for torrents.

A Ukrainian VPN can prove to be of as much use to a Ukrainian resident as it is to a Ukrainian expatriate. Ukrainian residents can use the VPN to acquire a Ukrainian IP address of a different Ukrainian city and can access the local Ukrainian websites anonymously. There are numerous forms of internet censorship in Ukraine, and hiding your IP can protect your online privacy from the Government or your local ISP.