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Get a Sri Lankan IP address

Get a Sri Lankan IP address

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sri lankan ip address

Sri Lankans living outside Sri Lanka might find it extremely hard to stream sports and television programs of their country while they are away from home.

Most of the television programs and sports events can be streamed only by the residents and thus, people living outside do not get the chance to see them.

However, if a person can get a Sri Lankan IP address he can watch his favorite TV programs and sport events online even when he is not residing in Sri Lanka. For getting an IP address from Sri Lanka, a person can choose either a VPN or a proxy.

Both of these are internet utilities that can get a person an IP address of a different country.Proxies are fast and cheap but are not as reliable and safe as the VPNs and are thus not very ideal to be used for getting a Sri Lankan IP address.

The VPNs on the other hand are pretty safe to use and are extremely reliable for hiding a user’s original IP address. So, if anyone wants to get a Sri Lankan IP address to stream local sports and television programs then he must get a VPN as soon as he can.


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