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Although there are many countries throughout the world that exhibit some form of internet censorship, Hungary is not one of them. In fact, the OpenNet Initiative in 2012 found no evidence of any internet censorship. However, this doesn’t mean that people within Hungary should always make use of a local IP address. In some cases it may be more beneficial to get a Scottish IP address in Hungary or from elsewhere outside of Hungary.

privacy pleaseChoosing to get an IP address from outside of Hungary has many benefits. The first of these is related to your privacy online. When you browse the internet, your internet service provider gives you an IP address, which identifies where you are in the world, and links your browsing activity to who you are. Having this link isn’t always a good thing, and it is worth looking at finding a way to break it.

An example of the use of your IP address is online advertising. There are a large number of marketing websites and companies that record your browsing history linked to your IP address. This means that there are profiles of your IP address online which contain information about what sites you have visited. You might even notice this when you are using the internet, because some advertisements seem to follow you around. This is known as targeted advertising and can be very frustrating.

You can use a VPN to change your IP address, and also change the way you are perceived online. A VPN allows you to connect to a VPN server located throughout the world. When you are connected to the server, the server provides an IP address that masks your own. This means that whenever you are on a website, your identity is based on the server that you are connected to and where it is located, rather than where you actually live.

EncryptionIn this case, you could connect to a Scottish VPN, and gain a Scottish IP address as a result. By choosing to get a Scottish IP address in Hungary you can increase your internet security. There is no longer a link between who you are and what you do online. You can use the VPN to regularly change the server you are connected to, and thus the IP address.

Finally, using a VPN increases your security online because it provides encryption and tunneling protocols which make it difficult for anyone else to obtain your information or any data that you are sending or receiving.


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