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Despite the smallness of the country and its relative obscurity to the rest of the world, New Zealand does have a relatively large population of online gamers. The distance of the country from the rest of the world and the fact that there are no local servers for most games makes online gaming difficult. One way of bypassing this problem is to get a Korean IP address in New Zealand. Not only does it have the potential to speed up your gaming, but it can also increase what you have access to.

Korean Games OnlineOnline gaming is very location specific. Although the largest and most popular games tend to have multiple server locations, these are almost always concentrated in the areas with highest number of gaming. Because of this, servers are common in Korea and the United States,   but almost unheard of in New Zealand.

The physical distance between where you are and the server that you are connecting to has an important role in determining the speed of your connection. If the distance is large, then you will often run into problems such as high ping, excessive lag or frequent disconnections. All of these issues can turn playing an online game from being something enjoyable to being a task.

It is possible to artificially change the distance between you and the gaming server by using a VPN. What happens is that a VPN lets you connect to a VPN server that is in Korea. The distance between you and the game server stops being the limiting factor, and instead your connection speed is strongly related to the distance between the VPN server that you are using and the gaming server.

Cosplay ChickVPNs are not all the same, and if you are looking at using a VPN to increase your gaming speed, or just for online gaming in general, then you want to make sure that you are using the right type. A PPTP VPN protocol is the best type to use for gaming, because it provides you with the highest speed possible.

Bear in mind that you want to choose a different protocol if you are interested in security, because this is pretty minimal for a PPTP. However this isn’t a big deal if you are using a VPN for gaming.

Finally, because the VPN lets you get a Korean IP address in New Zealand, you can also access games and servers in Korea with local area restrictions on them. This is a great approach if you are wanting to try a Korean game that has not been released to the rest of the world, or if you have friends who play on a Korean server.


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