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Censoring the internet is often perceived as occurring only in dictatorships or countries where the citizens do not have many rights. However, the truth is that censorship is becoming more prevalent even in countries that are perceived as democratic. While internet censorship is not substantial in Italy, there are concerns that it may be an issue in the future. A way to get around this, and also to increase your security online, is to get a French IP address in Italy.

Blocked WebsitesIn 2009, an amendment was propose which would force all internet service providers in Italy to block websites that were believed to either instigate or defend a crime. What this amendment would mean is that if a site, such as Facebook, refused to take down certain content which the Italian government believed to defend or instigate a crime, then the entire Facebook site would be blocked.

Perhaps even more importantly, sites which are blocked under this amendment would not be democratically determined. Instead it would be the result of the decision of people within the government, with no opportunity for a trial or debate. This proposal sets a dangerous precedent regardless of whether it makes it into law or not. It suggests that internet censorship is something that the Italian government is prepared to do, and this could make internet freedom very limited for its citizens.

So, what are the alternatives to this? Censorship is based on your physical location. You are censored by Italian internet service providers because they believe that you are in Italy. Clearly changing your physical location isn’t really an option, at least not for most people. However, what you can do is change where your physical location appears to be.

Change IP AddressThis can be achieved using a VPN, because IP addresses are used as tags to indicate your location. What a VPN does is let you use an IP address from another country to mask your own. So you can use this to get a French IP address in Italy. In fact, you can even choose the location of the IP address that you get.

Changing your IP address means that you get around censorship. Furthermore, it gives you a greater level of privacy and security as it eliminates the link between who you are and what your IP address is. The VPN also helps in this matter, because it provides a safer way of browsing through the use of VPN tunnels and encryption protocols.


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