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Get a French IP address in Fiji

Get a French IP address in Fiji

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In many parts of the world, open internet access is perceived to be a right that governments should not interfere with. Unfortunately, for many parts of the world this is far from being the case. There is little information about the prevalence of censorship in Fiji, and the state does not have an official classification. However, there has been evidence of censorship, and this may make it desirable to get a French IP address in Fiji.

Censorship in FijiThere are many different kinds of censorship. In some cases censorship is so prevailing that it is impossible to access almost any desired website. For other countries, censorship is barely noticeable and few websites are affected. Bloggers are also impacted by censorship, as many governments seek to shut down blogs that are critical of them.

In 2007, a number of politically outspoken blogs were blocked within Fiji, leading posters to look for other ways to speak their mind. Indeed, in a country as turbulent as Fiji, having a way to get around any and all censorship is probably a good idea.

Censorship is based on your location. This is fairly intuitive. After all, it wouldn’t make sense for you to be restricted by China’s internet filter if you were living in the United States, for example. Because of this, there is a way around censorship. What you need to do is convince the censorship mechanics that you aren’t actually in Fiji.

You can easily do this by using a VPN. This provides a method of masking your identity, making it seem as if you are someone else, somewhere else. The VPN acts as an intermediate factor between you and the online environment. It means that all information has to go through it before your computer or any websites get it.

Private & Secure BrowsingBecause of this you can use a VPN to get a French IP address in Fiji. Using a French IP address has a few different benefits. One of these is that you aren’t affected by any censorship from within Fiji. This is because you aren’t seen to be in Fiji.

Another benefit is security and privacy. Using the internet can be risky, and there is always the concern that someone will get a hold of your information and take advantage of you. Likewise, you might be worried about your privacy if you blog often or if your views are controversial. Changing your IP address and using a VPN are both aspects to help ensure that you remain safe online.


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