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Internet Censorship

Internet Censorship

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Regardless of what country you’re in, the internet is censored in some way or another. This makes internet censorship a very interesting topic. After all, if every country does it, who’s to say what’s too much censorship, and what’s enough. There are many charts and color coded maps that indicate what the level of censorship is in corresponding countries. Wikipedia is always a good source – here’s an example. And some organizations go as far as to label countries “Enemies of The Internet”, as you can see here from Reporters Without Borders.   What type of information is censored? The underlying principle for most levels of censorship is something to the tune of “Protection”. It could be protecting the public from terrorism. Or protecting victims from criminals. It may even be protecting people from themselves.   Though the United States and other developed countries label themselves as “free” and protect our right to the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of The Press, there are many instances in which websites are blocked due to national security. So when China blocks Facebook and Twitter for national security, is it much different? Perhaps the difference lies in that China, Vietnam, Iran, and other enemies of the internet are preventing our basic human freedoms under the guise of national security. I lived in China for a few years, and to tell you the truth, most people don’t see the CCP’s policies as invading their basic human rights. Can’t access Facebook? They have QQ and RenRen. Can’t get on Twitter? No worries, they’ve got Weibo. It’s monitored by the government? Just don’t say anything controversial. It’s a way of life. And as someone growing up in “free country”, I can’t understand why it doesn’t bother them.  But it doesn’t. Most people just don’t care. As long as they can get on with their daily routine, most people aren’t that worried about whether or not the CCP can read their texts. China is a bit of an anomaly because they’ve got a long history of being under totalitarian rule.  And I’ve not lived in places like Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam, Egypt, Tunisia, or these other countries, so I can’t say what the average person thinks there....

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