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SwitchVPN Review

SwitchVPN Review


Not a lot of people know about SwitchVPN because they don’t have a lot of advertisements out there, and aren’t featured on all of the VPN review sites. However, this is a little gem of a VPN service I like to feature on my blogs.

It’s a great VPN service with some unique features that will appeal to some VPN users. Of course however, there are some things that they could improve on as well, so read below to see if any are deal-breakers.


Why I Like SwitchVPN

Though not necessarily important to a new user, as someone who’s followed SwitchVPN for a while, I can see that they’ve made numerous improvements to the site over time.  This means that there is a team looking to improve the quality of their technology and support, as well as user experience.  So signing up for SwitchVPN for a long period of time probably means that you’ll end up getting more than you started with.

VPN Server LocatoinThey’re also a good sized VPN service – not a huge network with a bunch of stuff you don’t really need, but also, not one of those tiny services that only offer a few locations.  With a total of 16 countries, you can choose between some of the more popular western countries like Canada, the US, and the UK, or some Eastern European & Asian countries, all on the same plan, for one price, with no charge for switching servers.

They also offer some unique accounts, with VPN servers designed specifically for P2P, and price plans to fit every budget. This brings me to my next point.

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They’re super cheap.


Probably the cheapest VPN service I featured on this website.


Though their lite plan says “starting from $5.95 monthly”, this is the price for just one month of service.  What they should say is “starting from $3.95 monthly”, because this is the price per month when you order 1 year of service.

$3.95 for unlimited access to US, UK, Canadian, German, or Dutch VPN servers.

The catch is that you only can choose 1 country for the lite plan, but this kind of deal won’t be found anywhere else.

For their combo VPN pack you’ll pay a bit more of course; $14.95 for 1 month, and $7.95 per month when you sign up for 1 year. Not bad for PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and SSTP VPN access on servers in 16 countries.

Oh, BTW there’s also a 7 day money back guarantee and Live Support.


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Things To Improve

No VPN service is perfect, and there are some things that could be better

P2P is only allowed in one country. Other services like Hide My Ass allow P2P on all servers, and even PureVPN has several country options.

Simultaneous connection of multiple devices requires an extra fee. This is not that bad – some services require you buy a FULL second account, SwitchVPN will charge you $2 per month. Still, other services like 12VPN give you multiple connections for free.

Well, really those are really the only things I can think of right now. In a few days (probably weeks though because I never do things on time), I’m going to do some speed tests and update some of my reviews here, so I’ll make a note here on how fast the VPN servers are.

VPN Specs

SwitchVPN Specs

  • Lite $3.95 – $5.95 per month
  • Advanced – $4.95 – $7.95 per month
  • Combo Pro $7.95 – $14.96 per month

1, 3, and 12 month plans available

  • VPN Supported on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux, DD-WRT, Tomato
  • VPNs for users in China available
  • 7 day money back guarantee

Servers in Canada, US, UK, Italy, Romania, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, Philippines, Czech Republic, Latvia, Sweden, Singapore


Visit Their Official Site For More Details


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SwitchVPN Review