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SecuriTales is often called a web based VPN, and in some respects, it’s similar to a VPN.

In this review I’ll cover

  • What You Can Do With SecuriTales
  • How it’s the same as a VPN
  • How it’s different from a VPN
  • Why It’s My #1 Proxy Pick

SSL Encrypted BrowserFirst of all SecuriTales is 100% web-based, which means that you can begin using is immediately after signing up, and you don’t have to install any software.

You can either navigate in your browser bar to their website and login to the secure web browser there, or access the secure link through your email inbox.  This makes it handy if for some reason the SecuriTales website has been blocked by your local network.

There are three sign up options, labeled as $6, $7, and $8 per month. The difference between these options is only how long you sign up for. For example, if you sign up for 2 months, it’s $8 per month, so total $16 USD.

If you sign up for 1 year, you instead $6 per month, so $50 USD total.  There are ways to get a discount though, so keep reading!

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How does SecuriTales work?

First off, SecuriTales uses 256-bit SSL encryption to encrypt your data and hide your online activity from 3rd party users or software. This makes your connection to the internet and your web browsing private & secure.

They also use ‘decoy’ websites to further make your online activity anonymous.  Should your network admins be able to check your browsing history (ie at work or school), the websites you visit will NOT have their real IP recorded!  Instead, there is a frequently Bypass Firewallschanging network of web-based game sites & other neutral-content websites that are used to mask your real history.

SecuriTales is great for

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Bypassing Firewalls
  • Unblocking Websites

How is it different from a VPN?

Though I’ve already covered it to some degree, one of the main differences is that SecuriTales is web-based, which means that there’s no installation, and it’s not device specific. You can connect to any their secure web browser on any device that you can browse. That means you can use one subscription for your smartphone, home computer, laptop, and work computer.

The downside is that there is not VPN tunneling (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP), which reduces the amount of security and privacy you can achieve in comparison to VPN service.

You also can’t choose your IP address location – one is chosen for you automatically.  This also means that you can’t unlock most geo-restricted content, including Hulu, Netflix, iPlayer, and others.

Alternatives to Browser Based VPNs

Another cool tool that has come about recently is an actual browser extension for Google Chrome called Rather than have to actually sign into your account each time you use the proxy, the privacy/security/unblocking features are loaded every time you start Chrome!

Downsides is that it doesn’t work with Firefox or other browsers. Upsides is that it can unblock sites like Hulu/Netflix and other brand name streaming sites that SecuriTales won’t unblock.

How is it different from other proxies?

SecuriTales uses 256-bit SSL encryption. Not all proxies encrypt your data, and those that do would usually use 128-bit by default.

It’s also Flash compatible, and most proxies aren’t. That means that you’ll be able to watch YouTube and other video streaming features on websites.

How is it the same as a VPN?

SecuriTales is able to unblock websites, bypass firewalls, and fight internet censorship even in countries like China, Pakistan, Iran, and other countries considered to be “enemies of the internet”.  It encrypts your data, and provides you with increased privacy and security on shared or private networks.

What about the discounts?

Ok, so it’s easy. Actually, there’s a FREE TRIAL, available to anyone and everyone, and you don’t even need a credit card to access the free trial – just an email address.  Then, after you’ve completed the free trial, you get a 25% discount on all packages.  That means if you sign up for a year and take advantage of the discount price, you pay just $4.5 USD per month for unlimited use.

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