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internet securityYour IP address is the identification code for your computer and provides a gateway to information about who you are. It can limit which websites are available to you, and can also allow people to determine where you are. Using IP address hiding software is a good way to protect your identity online, as well as allow you browsing freedom.

The most secure type of IP address hiding software is called a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN connection will allow you to bypass regional and firewall restrictions, as well as secure data sent through the network by using encryption.

This prevents the interception of data by hackers and external parties, and even if the data is intercepted, it is not readable. It means that when you communicate with a website, the data you exchange back and forth is coded and sent through a “secret tunnel”.

To access a VPN you need to install software called a ‘VPN Client’. The software installation is normally pretty simple. Most VPN users are not tech-savvy, and VPN services have simplified the installation process to accommodate for this. Once the software is installed it allows all browsing and internet activity will be anonymous with the click of the button. This applies not just to web browsing, but also to any application that uses the internet, such as VOIP, messaging programs, and internet games.

Many VPN providers offer thousands IP addresses across many different countries.

Their service generally includes on-demand switching between different IP addresses. Choosing an IP address that belongs to a different country allows you to view content that censored or has geo-restriction filters.  For this reason, IP addresses from The USA and The UK are usually in high demand.

virtual private network serverSometimes, there is a noticeable speed difference when using a VPN versus your regular internet connection.  This will depend on many factors, including your original internet connection speed, the quality of the VPN service, what you are doing on the internet, the VPN server you’re signed in to, the distance between you and the server, as well as which VPN protocol you’re using.

That’s quite a lot of things to keep track of, especially for a new user. Don’t worry, if you choose a VPN service with good reviews, you most likely won’t have to worry about any of those things. Simply download the software, choose a server you like, and switch if you notice a large speed difference.

One provider that offers IP address hiding software is Hide My Ass. This VPN provider charges a low monthly fee for a wide range of services, including unlimited switching between IP addresses, a well designed VPN client, a range of VPN protocols, and their network is quite large compared to other services.

The software is easy to install and use. For a full review, please visit my Hide My Ass Review page, or you can see other services that ranked in the Top 10 VPN list.

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