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IAPS Security Review


IAPS Security Store Review


IAPS Security Store is more than just a VPN service, and from the name, you can obviously tell that basically like an online store of privacy tools. Many are VPN and proxy related.

To the new user, this can be confusing, because some of the navigation on their site can get a bit messy.  To someone who has made a hobby of gaining privacy and security online, there’s lots of cool stuff to browse.

This includes…


Virtual Private Networks

  • VPN accounts (including PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP, IKEv2)
  • VPNs by (US)  state
  • Privacy & SecurityVPNs for TV
  • VPNs for Torrents


SSHv2 Accounts


Secure Email

  • SSH Mail Access
  • Exchange Mail Servers


Remote Desktops


High Security Website Hosting

  • Domain Names
  • Extra Bandwidth
  • Hosting Accounts
  • Extra IPs
  • Extra Storage


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Plus, they have tons of VPN servers , in places you’ve never heard of. I think I counted them once and got up to 180 countries. They’ve added some since, so that number is probably at almost 200 countries available now. This is certainly the largest network featured here on Change IP Online™.

They’ve also got a unique pricing system, and tons of discounts for combo packs, multi-month subscriptions, and they even have a system where you can earn points for products you purchase, and earn “loyally points” toward purchasing stuff on the site.


Best Features


If you’re just looking to access blocked TV sites and Facebook at work, you may not care so much about this, but IAPS Security Store really cared about your privacy, and have written a lot about the importance of the freedom of the internet.

If the reason you want to use a VPN or proxy is to protect your private data on unsecured networks, prevent your ISP, government, or other organizations from obtaining private information about you, and especially if you have a bit of a technical mind and like tinkering electronics & software, then you’ll love IAPS.


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What most people can appreciate is the wide variety of VPN locations that are available. While they do offer standard locations like the US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, and these places, they also feature limited edition accounts with servers in places like Vatican City, Antarctica, Iraq, and the Azores.


Access Any Country


Things That Need Improvement


Like most “we feature everything” sites, a first look can be a bit daunting to someone who’s never used a VPN before.  If you follow the road signs and maybe write an email to customer support, you shouldn’t have a problem getting around and finding what you want, but it’s certainly not as easy as some other sites featured here like PandaPow.

Plus, you have to pay extra for combo VPNs. The prices below are for 1 country. To get more countries, you’ll need a “VPN Combo Pack”, which is only available in 3, 6, or 12 month options, and will cost you more as you add more country locations.


See Package Details for IAPS


IAPS Specs


I think I’ve mentioned most specs in the review, but they basically have everything related to privacy online, except a web based proxy service.  The last thing worth mentioning is their price plans. Some of the advanced features are beyond the scope of this review, but if that’s your bag, you can click the link at the bottom of the page and explore.

Oh, and they offer 128-bit encryption for PPTP and L2TP or 256-bit encryption for L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2.

Prices are in GBP (£)


VPN Accounts

  • 1 month £11.95 – £15.95
  • 3 month £24.95 – 32.95£
  • 6 month £48.95 – 59.95£
  • 12 month £89.95 – 99.95£


SSHv2 Accounts

  • 1 month £9.95
  • 3 month £19.95
  • 6 month £44.95
  • 12 month £79.95


For prices on other services, check out the site.


Visit Their Official Site For More Details


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IAPS Security Review