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How To Change IP Address Using A Proxy

How To Change IP Address Using A Proxy

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change ip address using a proxyProxies are a way of changing the projected IP address of the device or computer that you are using. You do not directly change IP address using a proxy. Rather you use the proxy’s IP address to mask your own.

A proxy is a type of server, typically designed to allow for anonymous browsing. A proxy works by acting as an intermediate party between your computer and a network, typically the internet. Requests for traffic are sent to the proxy, and it then acts an intermediary to the internet.

The rules the proxy uses to evaluate requests sent to it are specified by the server administrator. If you are using a proxy from a provider online, then it is unlikely that there will be any internal rules for traffic requests. However, if you are in an institution or workplace that uses proxies for web browsing, then some sites may be restricted.

When processing your request, the proxy first strips off your IP address, replacing it with its own. The proxy then makes a request for the web page or information you wanted, without revealing your identity. This is essentially how you change IP address using a proxy. Any web traffic will now be associated with the proxy’s IP address rather than that of your own computer or phone.

There are a number of different types of proxies.


One type is an “open proxy”.

This type of proxy is available for anyone to use, and it’s free. But, watch out! Many server administrators will not accept traffic from open proxies as they are often home to spammers and hackers. What’s even worse, is that proxy administrators have access to all the data being sent to their server – so your privacy is at risk as well.


Another type of proxy is a web based anonymous proxy.

Because these proxies are ‘web based’, there is no installation required. Often, a web based proxy will consist of a single-page website with a browser portal for the URL you want to browse anonymously. A lot of web based proxies are free – offered by of a community of privacy enthusiasts, or as part of a service-based business. Another obvious advantage of using a web based proxy to change your IP address is that you can use one subscription on multiple devices; basically, on anything that can browse the web.

anonymous surfing with proxyFree proxies often have fewer servers than ones that charge a monthly fee. Often, they are only an incentive to sign up for a paid service. Also, the free versions usually have restrictions such as bandwidth-use or time. With paid services you’ll most likely get unlimited bandwidth, customer support, and maybe even an app.

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