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How To Change IP Address For iPhone Or iPad

How To Change IP Address For iPhone Or iPad

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change ip address iphone ipadComputers are not the only devices that are assigned IP addresses. Any device that connects to the Internet is assigned an IP address, and the need for security for other devices is as important as for a computer. The default internet settings for iPhone and iPad  will not protect you from packet sniffing or identity theft. Your IP address will still be traceable to your phone, and you.

However, if you want to change the IP address of your iPhone or iPad to an anonymous IP, this is possible.  It is possible to change IP address for iPhone and iPad using a proxy or a VPN.


Proxies for iOS

A proxy server acts in the same way for a smart phone as it does for a computer. It’s an  intermediary between your phone and the network of the websites you want to browse.It first strips the IP address off of your traffic and substitutes it with the IP address of the proxy.

While this does not directly change IP address for iPhone or iPad, the effect is still one that makes you invisible online. Using a proxy, it’s much more difficult to link your device to your IP address, or to link you to your physical location.

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There are a couple of issues however:

Firstly, when you are using a proxy it appears differently to a server administrator than a normal IP address does, making it evident that you are using a proxy. Under most circumstances this is not important, as server administrators or sites do not generally restrict traffic originating form proxies.

However, you may find your traffic restricted if you are using an open proxy or other types of shared proxies. An open proxy is a proxy that can be accessed by anyone. These are frequently home to Trojans (not the good kind) and viruses. Spammers and hackers unfortunately use these as ways to disguise their nefarious activities as well.

The second issue with masking your IP address on an iPhone or iPad though a proxy is that most proxies are web based, and only work with web based applications. Software, hardware, apps, and other non-web based application will still use your original IP.

change ip address iphoneVirtual Private Networks for iOS

To deal with the issues of web based proxies, many users make use of virtual private networks instead.  VPNs assign and IP address to you when you sign into their network of servers.

As long as you’re connected to the network, you will have an anonymous IP that belongs to the VPN.  Because you have an assigned IP, you’ll be able to get past sites that block proxies.

Also, because your ENTIRE iPhone/iPad would be connected to the VPN server, apps and software your run on your phone will also use the anonymous IP.

When you change IP address on iPhone or iPad, you should use PPTP or L2TP VPN.  PPTP will be easier to set up, and have faster performance (usually), but L2TP offers better encryption, and thus, higher security. Both options are available at most VPN services.


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