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Get an Italian IP address

Get an Italian IP address

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HMA Italian IP VPNHide My Ass

Hide My Ass is one of the most popular VPN services that I recommend on the site. It may be the free stuff that comes along with the VPN package, or it may be that they have a cool name and logo. Either way, the servers are fast, and you get unlimited bandwidth for all servers, no matter what package you decide to sign up for.

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StrongVPN Italian IPStrongVPN

You’ll pay a bit more for a StrongVPN subscription, but I think their VPN servers are actually faster than HMA. It depends on whether you use PPTP or OpenVPN as well, but in my personal experience, StrongVPN is faster.

You certainly pay for it though with Italian IP addresses, because you have to upgrade to the deluxe package to get access to Italian servers.   StrongVPN also offers live support which is very useful.

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00 ipvanish1IPVanish

This service is continually updating and adding new servers and country locations. They are working hard on improving the user interface of their VPN apps and VPN client, as well as increasing connection/server speed.

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Italian businessmen who have to travel a lot usually face the problem of accessing local Italian websites as these websites are region specific and can only be accessed by people using an Italian IP address.

Thus, the Italian businessmen who want to access these Italian IP-only websites from outside Italy would need to get an Italian IP address.

get an Italian IP address

Proxies and VPNs are two methods of getting an Italian IP address. Both methods can be used for masking the original IP address of a user. However, a VPN is a much safer and reliable option to use than the proxy as it employs several internet safety protocols which are not used by proxies.


By using a VPN a businessman can acquire an Italian IP address from literally anywhere in the world. His newly acquired IP address will enable him to access all the regional Italian websites which were earlier inaccessible to him. He will be able to use the local chat programs for interacting with his family and friends back home.

VPNThe Italian TV programs that he misses could also be streamed online very easily with the use of the Italian VPN. Moreover, in accessing all these websites his identity will remain protected and no one would be able to track his original IP address.

Besides getting access to restricted Italian websites from outside Italy a person can use the VPN to acquire IP addresses of other countries and can access the restricted regional websites of other countries as well. In addition to this an Italian VPN could be used to create accounts on local websites as Italian residents.


VPNs could provide even Italian residents with a changed Italian IP address belonging to a different Italian city. This will enable an Italian citizen to keep his identity anonymous when commenting on local forums. Also, the VPNs could be used to preserve the privacy of a person on the internet.

In addition to these extraordinary advantages that a VPN could provide a person it is very simple to use and configure on a computer or phone. You will not encounter any problem in using it and will love the results it will provide you. VPNs work fine on all computing platforms and can be purchased for very affordable prices.

If you want to access the restricted regional Italian websites from any part of the world then get an Italian IP address from a VPN for Italy now.