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Get an Irish IP address

Get an Irish IP address

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Recommended VPN Services


There are 2. You can visit their websites through the links below, or you can first take a look at the detailed reviews I’ve written up about each one. You can also compare more VPN services here, but they might not have Irish IP addresses (many are continually adding servers, but these two are the only ones as of 2012).


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HMA has a lot of customers regardless of the IP you’re looking for because they are reasonably priced and have a very easy to use VPN software that also comes with advanced features. For more details, please see the full review below.

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PureVPN is another good choice. They have very reasonable VPN packages, with multiple server locations for good prices. Their software is also good, and some users might prefer it to the HMA software. This service also has live chat, static IP addresses, and payment options not available at HMA.

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Irish citizens living abroad who want to watch the local TV programs and local news channels need to get an Irish IP address for viewing the websites of these channels. The local or regional websites of almost all nations in the world can only be viewed within their boundaries.

IrelandThis is why those people who have to leave their homeland for some reason or the other are not able to access these websites.  What happens is that when a person tries to access an Irish local website from outside the country, the website identifies his foreign IP address and blocks him from viewing the website.


Another problem that an Irish citizen might encounter while accessing the websites of his country from other countries is the extremely slow downloading speed. A person would have to wait for a long time to download or upload data if he is accessing an Irish website from outside Ireland.

The solution to this problem is to acquire an Irish IP address which will improve the download and upload speeds and the wait for viewing a website would be reduced considerably.

The use of a VPN is the most effective way of getting an Irish IP address. The VPN is a kind of software that provides its users the chance to hide their IP address and replace it with an IP address of a region of their choice.

VPNThus, by using a VPN a person could get hold of an Irish IP address with ease and can access all the Irish-IP only websites without encountering any difficulty what so ever.

In the same manner a VPN could also be used to get hold of IP addresses of other countries and to access restricted regional websites of other countries as well.

Besides accessing the IP addresses of other countries a VPN could also be used to get a different IP address of the same country in which the person is living. For instance a person living in Ireland can get hold of an Irish IP address of a different city by using a VPN too. This way he would be able to access all the local Irish websites he wants without revealing his original IP address.

A VPN can be used in many ways to unblock websites within a country or outside it. So, if you want to unblock regional Irish website outside of Ireland you can sign up for a VPN service provider that has VPN servers in Ireland.