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Get an Iraqi IP address

Get an Iraqi IP address

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iraqi ip addressIP address is the identity of a user on the internet. It gets registered every time a user accesses an internet website. All the websites that block or allow certain users from accessing the site, use filtering on the basis of IP addresses.

Thus, if a user wants to access a site that cannot be accessed from outside Iraq, he would need to get an Iraqi IP address. This is because IP addresses are generally distributed on the basis of country.

Virtual Private Network, commonly known as VPN is a service that makes it possible for users to access the internet by changing their IP addresses.

VPN, provides an encrypted path from the user to a server that may be placed anywhere in the world, and the server becomes the gateway to the internet for the user.

Thus, to any site that is being accessed by a user through VPN, it appears that the user is actually the server. Thus VPN provides security and anonymity to a user.

Security is provided by the fact that the connection from the user to the server is encrypted, privacy due to the fact that any site, user accesses can never trace the path to the user. In short, it would be very useful for a user to get an Iraqi IP address, if he wants to access a site that is blocked for users outside the country.

Yes, it’s surprising that even with fighting in recent years, that there would be an accessible VPN server in Iraq, but there is.  To access it, you can use PPTP VPN on your phone/computer or OpenVPN and SSTP for higher security (but only for computers).


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