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Get an IP address from Yemen

Get an IP address from Yemen

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Many people get a United States or United Kingdom IP address to access programs such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer or Hulu.

Although these tend to be some of the most popular countries to get IP addresses from, there are reasons to get an IP address from more obscure areas.

A VPN allows you to get an IP address from any part of the world, so you could use it to get an IP address from Yemen. This may not seem immediately beneficial; however, there are some aspects that are important.

Firstly, getting an IP address from Yemen allows the user to access local sites that might be IP restricted. For example, some local chat programs restrict users to people who are physically living within the country.

On other occasions, it may not be possible to sign up to some sites within Yemen if you do not have an IP address from the area.

Secondly, getting a fake IP address from Yemen gives the user much faster access to websites and downloads than they would have otherwise. This might mean that downloading a movie takes a few minutes as opposed to an hour, as the IP address of the server and the user match one another.


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