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Get an IP address from Vatican City

Get an IP address from Vatican City

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It may not seem desirable to get an IP address from Vatican City, but there are some reasons why this may be appealing. Vatican City is the smallest independent state in terms of size anywhere in the world, and has one of lowest populations.

It is also a highly religious area, and because of this it is also of academic interest. If you get a Vatican City IP address, then this allows you access to some informational sites that are more difficult or impossible to access from outside of Vatican City.

Another benefit of getting an IP address from Vatican City is that this allows for increased privacy. One interesting, and highly relevant piece of information about Vatican City is that it has the highest IP addresses per capita.

While the population of Vatican City is around 800 people, the number of IP addresses assigned to the country is more than 8,000. Consequently, there is an average of ten IP addresses per capita.

The next highest country is the United States, which has approximately 4.5 IPs per person. While this isn’t so relevant with the development of IPv6, it shows that it is much easier to find a useful IP address than for other areas.


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