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Get an IP address from Vanuatu

Get an IP address from Vanuatu

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vanuatu ip address

It would be nice to get an IP address from Vanuatu if you are a resident of the island nation and want to access a site that has been blocked by its government authorities for users outside the country.

All the blocking and filtering techniques rely on IP address to block users from a website. There is a readymade solution for this problem in the shape of VPN.

VPN is nothing but a Virtual Private Network. A network that allows you connection to the internet, through a secured server located anywhere in the world, in your case in Vanuatu.

If you are accessing a site using VPN, the site believes that you are visiting it from the server rather than from your own PC.

This prompts the site to allow access to you as it believes you are accessing from within the country. Apart from hiding your original IP address from the websites, VPN also provides an encrypted path from your computer to the server thus making your internet connection secure.

This protects the information you enter into different sites from being stolen by anyone else. All these advantages make it very beneficial for you to get an IP address from Vanuatu.


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