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Get an IP address from Turkmenistan

Get an IP address from Turkmenistan

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turkmenistan ip address

There are many government sites in Turkmenistan which limit the access to them only to people living in Turkmenistan.

Apart from government sites, many banks operating locally in the country as well as shopping sites also do filtering to allow access to certain facilities to local users only.

Many residents of Turkmenistan who are living outside may also find that accessing local websites takes more time from outside the country. The solution to these and many other problems is simple, and that is to get an IP address from Turkmenistan.

The easiest way to get a desired IP address is through VPN. VPN is Virtual Private Network. VPN is the safest way to roam about on the internet. This is because; VPN changes the IP address of the user, by providing him an encrypted path to a server.

This server is located in the country whose IP address is required by the user. This encrypted data path from the user to the server makes it impossible for any hacker who is spying on the user’s network to get any useful information.

VPN also provides anonymity to a user on the internet. Therefore, in order to get an IP address from Turkmenistan, it is best to use VPN.


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OpenVPN and SSTP also have some country options, but the vast majority of less popular VPN server locations are going to be in the PPTP and L2TP section. If you’re looking for speed, go for PPTP. If you’re looking for security, go for L2TP. Because of internet censorship in areas, you may only have OpenVPN or L2TP as an option. This will vary based on your current location.

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