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Get an IP address from the Philippines

Get an IP address from the Philippines

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Hide My Ass

HMA PhilippinesHMA, one of the most popular VPN services on the internet has recently updated their server network and added some VPN servers in The Philippines.  The advantage of HMA is that you get access to PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN servers in 50 countries (for a total of 264 VPN servers world-wide).  There’s also a money back guarantee, and you’ll save a few dollars every month compared to IAPS.

  • IAPS: $11.95/1 month
  • HMA: $11.52/1 month
  • IAPS: $89.95/ 1 year
  • HMA: $78.66/ 1 year

3 month & 6 month options available

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IAPS Security Store

IAPS Philippines VPNIAPS Security Store is a VPN service that focuses more on privacy and anonymity. That is a theme of most VPN services of course, but IAPS tends to be more thorough in their policies. As a result, their software is not as fancy as HMA, and website certainly not as attractive. But for users looking specifically for a VPN for privacy, IAPS is a great choice. One thing that should be noted however, is that you pay for ONE server location, and each additional location will cost you more.

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The Philippines is home to a large amount of local television shows and movies that are rarely seen elsewhere in the world. Although these are popular in the region, there is too high competition from other countries to make Philippine movies popular abroad.

As with most local television and movies that can be watched on the internet, access is strongly region specific.

PhilippinesIf a user tries to access this content from outside of the Philippines, the website recognizes that the person is not local, and consequently blocks the user from accessing the content.


Using a VPN to get an IP address from the Philippines can significantly help with this, as it allows you to bypass the regional restriction. Through this method, it is possible to watch local Philippines programming from anywhere in the world.This does not only apply to television shows and movies, but is also highly relevant to sports programming.

The Philippines has a large focus on many different types of sports, with basketball being the most popular. Because of this, many people enjoy watching games between different Philippine teams, or international competitions.

Such programming can often not be accessed through an international IP address, and getting an IP address from the Philippines allows a user to watch this content from anywhere in the world.