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Get an IP address from Taiwan

Get an IP address from Taiwan

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Hide My Ass

00 HMA logoHMA recently added VPN servers in Taiwan. There is only 1 server as of now, but there are lots of IPs to choose from. The advantage here is that with the servers from Taiwan, you also get access to servers in Hong Kong, Japan, and other Southeast Asian nations. Though the country IP will change, you will have a wide range of servers from Asia to choose from. You can switch servers for free, and have access to all servers for 1 cost, which is cheaper than access to ONLY ONE server from IAPS.

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IAPS Security Store

IAPS Taiwan VPNFor VPN servers in Taiwan, go to IAPS.   They have over 120 locations, and Taiwan is one of them.  This is currently the only site I know that offers IP addresses in this location. They also have servers in mainland China and Hong Kong.

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There are many people from Taiwan that live overseas and miss aspects of their own home culture.

One significant component of this is Taiwanese television programs and movies, which are significantly different from those experienced in other parts of the world, and are important to Taiwanese culture.

taiwan ip addressAccessing such content is difficult from abroad, as most of the time there are regional restrictions on the content. This means that the programs recognize that someone from outside the region is attempting to gain access and will not let them view the content as a consequence.


Getting an IP address from Taiwan is an effective way of getting around this problem, as this fools the program into thinking that you are accessing from within Taiwan.

Consequently, you are able to view these as if you were actually in Taiwan, with no restrictions. Another advantage of using a VPN to get an IP address from Taiwan is that this allows access to files and websites at a much higher speed.

For example, viewing a streaming video from Taiwan using an American IP address takes a long time, due to long buffering times. Downloading a video isn’t any better, as the connection speed is still very low. However, when you are using and Taiwanese VPN server, the connection is much better and you are able to download and access files faster.