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Get an IP address from Nigeria

Get an IP address from Nigeria

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nigeria ip address

For people who are homesick, two methods are often employed. The first is to try to ignore the sensation, and to forget about what you are missing.

This normally only works for a while and most people who are away from home suffer severe bouts of homesickness.

This is where the second method comes in, and the person tries to access as much information that they can about their home and surround themselves with familiarity.

For many, an effective means of doing this is to watch television shows that they were familiar with at home, but are not viewable from where they now live.

However, many sites that offer this ability restrict access to people from within same region. So, if you are from Nigeria you could access Nigerian television programs through streaming or download sites, but you cannot do the same from outside the country.

Using a VPN provides a solution. Through this program, you can get an IP address from Nigeria. This tricks the sites into perceiving that you are accessing from within Nigeria, and allows you to visit any sites that are restricted to people in that country, such as streaming television.

Furthermore, you also experience significantly faster internet speeds when connected to a server in Nigeria.


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OpenVPN and SSTP also have some country options, but most of the goods will be with PPTP/L2TP.  PPTP is faster, L2TP is more secure.  OpenVPN for Mac, Windows, and Linux offers better encryption and privacy, but is limited with VPN server locations.  The same applies to SSTP which is for Vista and Win 7.

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