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Get an IP address from Mongolia

Get an IP address from Mongolia

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For people from Mongolia, living overseas can be difficult as many aspects of their culture are far away. While the internet provides a good way of accessing information and media from a person’s home country, this is not always effective.

This occurs because many countries, such as Mongolia, have a number of sites that can only be access from within the country. Most common among these are sites that stream local television, sports or cultural events, or make videos of these available for download.

Most sites like this restrict their viewers to people from within the country, and consequently, people who do not appear to be from Mongolia cannot access these files or sites.

However, there is a way around this. Sites such as these recognize a user as being from outside the country based on their IP address. If you can get an IP address from Mongolia, then you are able to bypass these restrictions, and have the same level of access to content that you would if you were physically inside Mongolia.

A VPN is one way of doing this, as it allows users to choose which country they get their fake IP address from. Therefore, a person can use a VPN to get an IP address from Mongolia.


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