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Get an IP address from Cyprus

Get an IP address from Cyprus

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IAPS Security Store

IAPS Cyprus VPNIAPS is the only place where you’re going to find a VPN server in this location.  The site is a bit difficult to navigate, so follow these instructions:

Go to PPTP/L2TP on the left panel and search for the country of your choice (There’s a lot, so Ctrl+F may be faster). Click the link, and choose a package for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months (discounts available).

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Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass Cyprus VPNActually, HMA has recently added Cyprus VPN servers to their awesome lineup. There are definitely some cool things to be had with HMA as compared to IAPS.  For one, you get FULL access to their VPN server network, instead of having to choose only Cyprus with IAPS.

You’ll be able to choose servers based on speed, and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. I think most people will be happier with the user friendly setup of HMA. that’s not to say IAPS is bad, but I think now that you have the choice for HMA, I’d stick with that.

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Located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, the island of Cyprus has a highly developed infrastructure and a prosperous economy.

One aspect of Cyprus that may be interesting to users from other parts of the world is their role in spectator sports.

cyprus ip addressThe country has many significant teams, and competes in an number of sports, including having a highly successful tennis player on the international stage, Marcos Baghdatis, who featured strongly in the 2006 Wimbledon and Australian Open competitions.

However, the primary sport of the country is football, and it has produced a national football team that has achieved a promising place in European football rankings.

Consequently, international users may be interested in watching streaming local or international matches featuring Cyprus teams or players. The most effective way of doing this is to get an IP address from Cyprus and access local streaming sites using this address.

This will give you the equivalent access that a local person would achieve, which make it easy to watch all of your favorite games from Cyprus teams. This is particularly important for Cyprus fans, as games that their teams play are often not broadcast overseas.

This is not the only benefit that you would receive if you get an IP address from Cyprus. Using an IP address from Cyprus allows you to access local websites faster and to achieve higher download speeds.