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Get an IP address from British Indian Ocean Territory

Get an IP address from British Indian Ocean Territory

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British Indian Ocean Territory ip address

There aren’t a lot of reason to get an IP address from British Indian Ocean Territory, but just so you have the option, I’d like to feature this post.  IAPS Security store has a long list of VPN server locations.

And though the islands are currently uninhabited by anyone but military personnel from The US and The UK, having an IP from this region could serve as a deterrent to anyone trying to track your real location.

A VPN is an internet utility that can help in hiding the IP address of a person and at the same time can provide him an IP address of a country of his choice. In addition to this, a VPN is very reliable and safe to use. It utilizes data encryption and several internet safety protocols to ensure the safety of the user on the internet.

Your reasons are your own, so here’s the link to the IAPS website.  PPTP servers will provide minimal encryption, but will change your IP. L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN will use various types of high grade encryption to keep your real identity invisible.


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