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Get an IP address from Bermuda

Get an IP address from Bermuda

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Bermuda ip address

For people visiting or living abroad, one of the biggest disappointments can be the inability to access television or chat programs that they were used to at home.

This problem can seem impossible to overcome, as the sites will immediately reject anybody who is not accessing the content from within the country.

However, there is a way around this. Using a VPN, you can not only mask your IP address, but you can choose the specific country that you obtain the IP address from.

Consequently, people from Bermuda can use a VPN to get an IP address from Bermuda. Doing this hides your IP address behind one from Bermuda, and for all intents and purposes you appear as if you are visiting the site from within the boundaries of Bermuda. This allows you to gain access to any website that would normally be region specific.

For example, through a VPN you can get an IP address for Bermuda and use this to access websites that stream local television shows and sports games. Furthermore, because you are using an IP address from the region, you also have much faster access and smaller loading times for any content that is hosted within Bermuda.


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