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Get an Indonesian IP address

Get an Indonesian IP address

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The current list of VPN services with Indonesian VPN servers is unfortunately, very short (2). However, this is of mid-2013, so there’s a chance that other VPN services will add servers there in the future. You can browse the Top 10 List to see other recommended VPN services, plus get access to their sites for updated server lists.


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Expatriates all over the world face the problem of adjusting to their new environment. Accessing the regional websites of their home countries would make them feel comfortable and would ease off some of the home sickness.

However, the local websites of some countries are region specific meaning that they can only be accessed by a person living in a specific area.

Get an Indonesian IP AddressThe Indonesian websites fall in to that bracket. That is why people living outside Indonesia are required to get an Indonesian IP address before they are allowed access to these sites. Without doing this an Indonesian expatriate would not be able to access his favorite Indonesian websites.


For acquiring an Indonesian IP address a person can either use a proxy or a VPN. A proxy will simply mask his IP address and would provide him a different IP address. The choice of the region of the IP address assigned to you is going to be decided by the proxy service provider.


Also, proxies are not reliable and not safe to use as they can be traced and blocked off easily. A VPN on the other hand is a solid way acquiring a new IP address. Not only is the VPN safe to use than the proxies it also allows its users to choose the region of their new IP address. Thus, using a VPN could guarantee a person that he acquires his required IP address.

VPN IndonesiaThe use of an Indonesian VPN would enable an Indonesian expatriate to access all the Indonesian websites he wants. He would be able to stream all the TV programs online that he used to watch when he was living in Indonesia.


The Indonesian IP address gained from the VPN would also gain him the permission to comment on forums or become member of internet communities that are reserved for Indonesian residents and can be accessed only by an Indonesian IP address.


In addition to providing a user with an IP address of his choice a VPN could unblock all the websites for a person that are banned in his country.

For instance a person living in Indonesia could make use of a VPN to acquire the IP address of a country other than Indonesia and can access the websites that are banned in Indonesia.

Thus, VPNs are multipurpose softwares that can gain you secure access to any Indonesian website that requires you to get an Indonesian IP address.