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Get an Estonian IP address

Get an Estonian IP address

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As the modern age of internet is growing the world is becoming smaller. People living in far off places can interact with their families and loved ones back home through the internet.

However, there are some websites that a person cannot access unless he has the appropriate IP address for it. For example if a person wants to access a regional Estonian website from outside Estonia he will have to get an Estonian IP address before he is able to access the site.

Get an Estonian IP AddressThe servers of the regional websites only allow the IP address belonging to a particular region to access the site’ content making the website inaccessible for people who do not have the required regional IP address.


There are many methods available in the world today that can allow a person to access a banned website in any part of the world like proxies. However, a proxy is at the best of times unreliable and cannot gain a person access to a specific regional website like an Estonian website because proxies allot the changed IP address randomly to their users making it impossible for a user to get the IP address of his choice.

On the other hand a VPN allows the user complete liberty in his choice of the location of his IP address making it easier for him to access the regional Estonian websites by acquiring an Estonian IP address.

VPN Estonia

Thus, any Estonian website that is restricted and cannot be accessed without an Estonian IP address can be unblocked by making use of an Estonian VPN. From local online gaming communities to the television and sports streaming websites all of the restricted Estonian content would become accessible for you once you get hold of the Estonian IP address provided to you by the Estonian VPN.

Thus, getting a VPN is the best choice for people wanting to access restricted Estonian websites from outside Estonia.


The VPN will keep the actual IP address of the user hidden making it impossible for any website to track down his original location. This is an added advantage of using a VPN. Not only would you be able to gain access to restricted content in the country of your choice you would also be able to access this restricted content without having any fear of being caught by anyone.

In short, if you are an Estonian citizen living abroad and want to access your home websites then get a VPN because it can get an Estonian IP address to you which will help you to unblock Estonian websites.