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Get an Egyptian IP address

Get an Egyptian IP address

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Not a lot of services actually offer Egyptian IP locations because there’s a lot of internet censorship happening in the country. However, an IP from Egypt is the easiest way to get access to local sites (otherwise you might have to pay for expensive satellite TV).  HMA is the best way to go.

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A common problem that expatriates have to face all over the world is that they are unable to access the websites of their countries from other parts of the world like the TV and movie sites. The reason for this is that these sites are accessible only for the residents of the country and can be accessed only by an IP address belonging to that country.

Get an Egyption IP addressIn order for the expatriate to access such websites he is required to find a way to replace his IP address with an IP address belonging to his country.

The same rule applies for Egyptians trying to access their country’s TV and movie websites. They have to get an Egyptian IP address before they become able to access any local Egyptian website.

Acquiring the IP address of a different country is a task that can be carried out very efficiently by making use of a VPN. It is a kind of software that offers its users the chance to hide their IP addresses and can supply them instead with IP addresses of the region of their choice.

This means that Egyptian expatriates can get hold of an Egyptian IP address if they make use of an Egyptian VPN.


The Egyptian IP address provided by the VPN will gain the expatriate access to all the TV and movie sites he wants to log on to while still keeping his actual identity a secret.

Besides being used to stream Egyptian TV and movies online an Egyptian VPN can also be used to unblock other Egyptian websites that are otherwise blocked for people living outside Egypt. The online gaming websites and the sports streaming websites are some examples of the blocked Egyptian websites that can be unblocked by making use of a VPN for Egypt.

In addition to this the local chat programs that cannot be accessed without having an Egyptian IP address could also become accessible for a user if he uses an Egyptian VPN.

There are other ways too through which you can access restricted websites. One of them is the use of proxies. They too can gain you access to any banned or restricted website in any country of the world but they are unpredictable and do not offer the user the choice of selecting his changed IP address.


VPNs are not only useful for expatriates who want to gain access to restricted regional websites they are also of great use for people living in a country where the internet is censored by the Government.

The most recent example of this is the use of VPNs made by the Egyptian people to unblock the restricted websites in Egypt which helped them in bringing a revolution in their country. This proves that a VPN has a lot more to offer to a person then just changing his IP address.

This is why a VPN is the best option to use for accessing restricted Egyptian websites because it allows a user to get an Egyptian IP address of the region of his choice.