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Get an Austrian IP address

Get an Austrian IP address

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Hide My Ass VPN Austrian IPHide My Ass

You may notice that Austria isn’t exactly an ‘in-demand’ location for VPN servers and IP addresses.

While most users are looking for places with more popular TV shows and geo-restricted sites, there are a decent number of people that also are interested in Austrian stuff.  To access just that stuff, you need an Austrian IP though an Austrian VPN servers.  HMA offers just that.

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Update Summer 2012


IPVanish China VPNIPVanish

$10 per month for unlimited access to 18 countries, 50 servers, and a 7 day money back guarantee.  It sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  VPN servers in Austria of course.

**IPVanish now offers scaled price plans, meaning that you pay $10 for 1 month, but get discounts for 3 or 12 months of service.

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The increasing use of internet in our lives means that we are all the time connected to the internet in some way or the other. No longer are the people restricted to access internet from their home or office computers only.

Get an Austrian IP AddressThe invention of mobile devices means that now people can access internet on the move or even when they are traveling abroad.

A problem that has aroused quite rapidly among the mobile internet users is that they seem unable to access certain websites when they travel outside a particular region.

For example if a person travels outside Austria he becomes unable to access Austrian websites on his mobile device. The only solution to this problem is to get an Austrian IP address for the mobile device when touring abroad.


Moreover, people who are active on chat forums and gaming websites in Austria also find themselves unable to access them when they are not present in the country. The reason for this is the requirement of the Austrian IP address to access these websites.

When a person living outside Austria tries to log on to these Austrian websites he is blocked off by the servers because of his non-Austrian IP address. Thus, if you want to unblock Austrian websites outside Austria you will need to obtain an Austrian IP address.

VPN For AustriaIn order to obtain an Austrian IP address a person would have to get a VPN that can supply him the required IP address. VPNs are software that can gain a person access to any restricted or banned website in all parts of the world by hiding his original IP address and supplying him a different IP address of his choice.


Thus, the use of an Austrian IP address would allow a person to access any restricted Austrian website on his mobile or his computer even if he is not present in Austria at all.

The Austrian IP address you acquire from an Austrian VPN will also allow you to use the local chat programs outside the country without anyone noticing it. You can use this new IP address of yours to even shop from the local online shopping stores which would otherwise be impossible.


In addition to all these benefits the use of a VPN would also provide you unparalleled online security as well. By hiding your IP address the VPN will ensure that your time on the internet is spent anonymously. Thus, if you want to unblock Austrian websites outside Austria then get an Austrian IP address now and gain access to all the restricted Austrian websites.