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Get an Australian IP address

Get an Australian IP address

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Having an Australian IP address is nothing short of a blessing as it can gain a person access to many restricted and banned websites from Australia.

People living outside Australia truly know the value of having an Australian IP because they are unable to access many of their favorite Australian websites when they are away from home.

AustraliaAs is the case with most regional websites in the world some Australian regional websites are only accessible by an Australian IP address only. This means that even Australian citizens living abroad will not be able to access them of course – not special treatment!

Many of the Australian gaming websites are inaccessible to people living outside Australia. The servers of these gaming websites check the IP address of the users before allowing them to access the sites. In addition to this, some sports streaming websites in Australia also require an Australian IP address to access them.

Thus, getting an Australian IP address is your first priority if you want to get access to Australian gaming or sports streaming websites.

VPN For AustraliaNow, getting an Australian IP address is not a difficult thing to achieve. All a person needs is an Australian VPN.  It’ll make it look like you’re surfing and downloading directly from Australia!


A VPN is a kind of software that allows a person to replace his original IP address with a different IP address provided to him by the VPN service provider. This new IP address is assigned to the user according to his choice.

Thus, by choosing an Australian IP address as his replaced IP, a person can gain access to any Australian regional and gaming website that is inaccessible outside of Australia.


Apart from being used for accessing restricted websites the VPNs can also be used to surf the internet safely. VPNs use extra safety protocols and data encryption to keep out the bad guys – hackers, thieves, and nosey governments.

They build safe tunnels to the private network servers in Australia (no matter where you are in the world) to provide their users a secure environment in which all their conversations remain strictly private. Thus, if you are living outside Australia and want to get access to your favorite Australian websites, sign up for a VPN service to get an Australian IP address and gain access to all the websites you want.   It works on your phone too!