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Get an Argentinean IP address

Get an Argentinean IP address

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Hide My Ass ArgentinaHide My Ass is now offering IP addresses in Argentina.  This is a popular service with many users because they have a very good package deal.  In all packages you get access to 51 countrires, 200+ VPN servers, thousands of IP addresses, access to PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN servers, a free web based proxy service, and a 30 day money back guarantee.  They frequently offer discounts for members, and their network grows by several countries and server locations each year.

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IAPS Security Store

IAPS Argentinean VPNArgentina is just one of the many South American countries offered at IAPS Security Store.  Check out PPTP VPN for streaming, or OpenVPN and SSTP for private VPN connections.

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There are many Argentinians living around the world who would be very pleased to get an Argentinean IP address. This is because of the restrictions placed by many government organizations or private companies around the world that allow certain sites to be blocked for users accessing from outside the country.

ArgentinaThe way these sites block people accessing from outside the country is with the help of IP addresses. Sites could include be local football streaming sites, banking accounts, or TV shows from Argentinean websites.

VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which allows users to access the internet in a secure way by providing them access to the internet from a server that may be located anywhere in the world.

The connection from the end user to the server is encrypted, and any website being accessed by the user believes that it is being accessed from the server. This makes VPN an easy way to bypass the firewalls placed by sites which block access to users accessing it from outside a country. All that is needed for the user is to get an Argentinean IP address that will route him to a server in Argentina and he would be able to access all such sites.