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Get an Andorran IP address

Get an Andorran IP address

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andorran ip address

We all know that an IP address is our identity on the internet. All the websites and other computers on the internet recognize one another by these IP addresses. An IP address holds the information of the country or region from where a person is accessing the internet.

This information is used by certain websites to block the people of some countries from accessing them or to allow a specific country’s people to view them. The government websites of Andorra use the IP address information to block people of other countries from accessing them.

So, an Andorran citizen living abroad will need to get an Andorran IP address if he wants to access any of these sites.

There are two chief methods the use of which can get you an Andorran IP address. The first method is the use of a proxy server wherein you connect to a website which in turn connects you to the internet hiding your original IP address in the process.

The second method is the use of a VPN which provides the user an encrypted connection to one of its servers in Andorran which becomes the user’s gateway to the internet. Both methods can be used to get an Andorran IP address, however, VPN is more reliable and safe to use and is thus preferred over proxies.


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