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Get a UK IP address

Get a UK IP address

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Pretty much all VPN services have servers in the UK. It’s a popular place because of British TV and relatively free internet zone. These are just some of my favorites, but you can see more on the Top 10 List.

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IP addresses are your identity over the internet and it is your IP address through which a website recognizes the country from which you are logging in. So, for instance, if you are in Australia then the website would greet you as an Australian by identifying your IP address.

However, there are ways to access the internet from a different country’s IP address while not physically residing in it. For instance, you can get a UK IP address while living in any part of the world and fool every website to think of you as a UK resident.

get a UK IP addressOne such way is to get your hands on a VPN subscription. With a VPN subscription, you will be allowed to access the internet with the IP address of a country of your choice while your original IP address would be hidden by the VPN service provider.


The main benefit of masking your original IP address and getting your hands on a foreign IP address is that you can enjoy visiting those websites which are either banned by your country’s administration or only open for users having that foreign IP address.

UK VPNGetting a UK IP address has probably the most benefits not only for people who are just outside the UK for a few weeks or months but also for non-UK residents.

Firstly, with a UK IP address, you can easily access all websites which are generally banned in other countries as the UK administration doesn’t believe in internet censorship at all.


Secondly, you will be able to get access to BBC iPlayer with a UK IP address. The BBC iPlayer contains videos of world famous dramas, film and entertainment shows etc and is the best website to catch up on all your favorite shows. However, the problem with the BBC iPlayer is that it is only available for UK residents (UK IP address holders).

Thus, in order to access the entire contents of the BBC iPlayer even while present outside the UK, you would need to have a VPN assigned UK IP address.


Thirdly, UK casino and poker websites are also UK specific. So, with a VPN assigned UK IP address, you will also be able to play poker and casino games online on these UK specific websites while being physically not being present in the UK!

Of course, streaming sports from England, Scotland, and other parts of The UK will be available as well. And don’t forget that with a VPN, you won’t only get a UK IP address but you would also have total security and anonymity over the internet too!