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Get a Turkish IP address

Get a Turkish IP address

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Video: How to get a Turkish IP with a VPN



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HMA Turkish VPNHide My Ass is one of the most popular and recommended services on Change IP Online. They have a wide range of servers from more than 50 nations. There are multiple apps for several different operating systems, and they a great VPN software (the one featured in the video). Below you can find the full review of their service and a link to their website with more details.

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UPDATE June 2012:


PureVPNPureVPN recently added servers in Turkey.  They also offer unlimited server switching between their 15 other servers around the world.  They’ve got a price structure and plan options unique from HMA, so check out their website for details, and see which service will best suit you.  One cool thing about PureVPN is live support.

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Update July 2013:



00 ipvanish1This service has recently added hundreds of servers and more than doubled the number of countries available via their VPN service. They have received many awards for speed on other VPN review sites, and I had a good experience with their service as well. Below find a link to their official website as well as more details about my experience with IPVanish on my full review.

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VPNs stand for Virtual Private Networks and they are mostly used by people when they want to connect to the internet by using an IP address of a foreign country. The thing with IP addresses is that they are your identity on the internet.

Turkish IP addressFor instance, if you live in Turkey then by default you will get a Turkish IP address to access the internet from and every website would recognize you as a resident of Turkey.

The VPNs simply hide your original IP address and provide you another country’s IP address.


You must be wondering that how does this help? It simply helps you in maintaining anonymity and in accessing websites which are banned in your present country.

For instance, if you live in China and come to know that Facebook is banned in China but accessible in Turkey then by using a VPN, you will be able to mask your Chinese IP and get access to Facebook. Facebook may eventually be banned in Turkey, so that’s not a great example, but you get the point.

When singing up for a VPN service, you can ask for any country’s IP address from your VPN service provider. A Turkish IP address is probably the most beneficial for Turkish nationals living outside Turkey currently.


It so happens that most of the regional T.V. websites and regional online movie websites only open for Turkish IP address holders.  Thus, Turkish nationals living in other parts of the world find it impossible to remain up to date with the recent happenings in Turkey.

However, with a VPN-assigned Turkish IP address, you can easily access all Turkish specific websites and watch all the T.V. programs live without any problems.

Turkey VPNMoreover, it is important to note that a Turkish IP address comes pretty handy when you want to use any of the various Turkey specific chat programs or software download sites. If your relatives or friends live in Turkey and you want to have conversations with them over the internet then you will need to use these regional chat programs.


Plus, having an IP from there will mean faster connection, download, and streaming speeds from local sites.  It is important to note that you may also get a Turkish IP address through a proxy server. However, a VPN is a lot safer and securer than a proxy server and thus, most people trust the VPN to get a Turkish IP address.